We're delighted to bring you a range of tickets to suit your circumstances, and if you're traveling from oversees, there's nothing to pay! Please join in and enjoy being part of one of the largest and most distinctive gatherings of people from education and business in the UK.

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West Suffolk College

In the heart of East Anglia


Conservatoire East

Arts and Media Centre
Edmunds Restaurant


Hospitality Restaurant
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Stunning facilities

All festival areas within easy walking distance

Feedback from the 2019 Festival

"The best venue for this kind of event I've ever been to"

"A relaxed atmosphere - with plenty of space and time to think and network"

"A cornucopia of ideas, practical solutions and thought-leadership"

Thought Leadership - Workshops - Demonstrations - Installations - Networking - Gala Dinner - Wide range of refreshments - relaxed atmosphere - schools - colleges - universities - businesses - governors - parents - students

― International Festival of Learning