What's the IFL all about?

The festival movement is for everyone. It's a growing movement of individuals, schools, colleges, universities and businesses - all sharing a common mission to collaborate and improve education for people of all ages. The themes and content are grown from consultation with our delegates, speakers and stakeholders, and we pride ourselves in curating the best possible festival content across a range of subjects. This is all wrapped in a wonderful, buzzy atmosphere!

Press release: August 2020

‘Share the magic of education’ – International Festival of Learning set to go virtual

From topics as diverse as ‘Managing Difficult Conversations’ to ‘Best practice in Online Teaching’ - Preparations to ‘go virtual’ with The Internal Festival of Learning (IFL) are underway, ensuring the popular education event can still go ahead. The completely free to access event takes place on Tuesday, 25 August and is is expected to attract a global audience of education leaders, teachers, lecturers, support staff and business leaders - with a focus on  three crucial areas:


1) Leadership;

2) Online Teaching; and

3) Building the Best Cultures


We are also excited to announce our ongoing partnership with KPJR films will come to further fruition with an exclusive On Demand global screening of three major documentary films:


Paper Tigers: One High School's Unlikely Success Story

Captures the pain, the danger and the hopes of struggling teens–and the teachers armed with new science who are changing their lives for the better.


Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope

Examining the emerging science around Toxic Stress and how it negatively alters the brains and bodies of children if left untreated.


The Big Picture

The accounts of children, experts and iconic leaders to help clear up the misconceptions about dyslexia and give hope to those who have it.


“A learner-driven revolution in education is unfolding around the world” -

that’s the message from the 11,000 people who responded to Pearson’s Global Learner Survey, a new study capturing the opinions of learners worldwide and the inspiration for the festival. Pearson are also the main partner for the event, alongsideWest Suffolk College.


Notably, there will be a exclusive interviews with Ofsted Director of Research, Daniel Muijs by Geoff Barton, (General Secretary, Association of School and College Leaders (ASCL) entitled “Ofsted’s Role in Supporting Schools, and The Place for Research In The Future of UK Education” - as well as more than 50 other sessions across three ‘TV style’ live channels. The emphasis is on digestible, practical, ideas and optimistic vision. There will also be an On Demand channel for those who want to delve a little deeper.


The jam-packed offering will see a range of world-renowned speakers donating their time including:


Vikas Pota, Global Educationalist renowned for creating The $1 million Global Teacher Prize, which brought together world leaders and stars 

Geoff Barton - one of the UK's leading figures and influencers

Joe Dale - global online teaching specialist and creator of #mfltwitterati

Cindy Rampersaud, Vice President, Pearson

Daniel Muijs, Director of Research, Ofsted


And many more from the UK and around the world


Open to all...

Feedback and consultation from our wider delegates tells us that, because the makeup of school communities is so diverse now, and because the reality is that everyone has something to gain from understanding and engaging with education, it means that support staff, business partners and school-linked organisations all have a vested interested in attending as a delegate.


So, whilst we still expect the majority to come directly from education, our 'virtual doors' are open to all!

leadership and governance


Our delegates say some wonderful things about the IFL. Watch this space for our latest testimonials from our previous festival.